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Forced Network Changes

Posted in Networking on August 1st, 2008

This afternoon, one of our bandwidth contractors, who provides us with a number of connections, terminated our links with them, a breach of their contract with us, due to a minor contract dispute. We had not been given proper notice of this termination, and as this termination was in a breach of our contract with them relations will not be continued with this reseller.

The network failed-over properly during the event, but as we were not properly notified we had not been able to gracefully take down the BGP sessions, which did cause issues over various routes as the new routes were propagating. There should have been no complete outage of any kind. We do apologize for any issues experienced during this event. In addition, I can say for certain that we had tried our best to resolve this conflict with the contractor, but the contractor had been uncooperative and unwilling to follow the terms of their own contract, which has been shown by the improper termination of our circuits. As we have selected the contractor we chose to do business with, we accept all responsibility for issues experienced by our customers and are working to reduce the amount of connectivity purchased through such resellers.

This sudden change is also serving as a catalyst for further network changes. We had been planning to combine the networks into a single network this month, but we are now scheduling this change to occur next Wednesday, the 6th. There should also be no concern over overall network performance/reliability, as we do have adequate network diversity and capacity to survive this issue, but will still be working on expanding our carriers and connectivity to compensate for this loss. We are hoping to have additional connectivity Level(3) and Comcast this month, the contracts are already in place. Further announcements regarding the network change and scheduled maintenance will be made when the full details are determined.

cPanel VPS Pricing Increases

Posted in Software, The Cloud on July 18th, 2008

Today cPanel has announced a price increase on their VPS licenses. This price increase is forcing us to raise the pricing for cPanel on VPS accounts from $5 a month to $8 a month. The price increase is not because of any changes on our side or in our policy, but strictly the price increase passed down from cPanel directly. If you would still like to only pay $5 a month we would highly recommend using Interworx or Plesk, both of which are fully capable control panels on the VPS platform.

Note: This pricing change will only affect new orders for cPanel. Existing cPanel based accounts will not be affected, as we are dedicated to providing consistent pricing to our existing clients.

I apologize for the delay in this announcement, but we had been working on several different options until we were finally forced to just pick one. The event should fun time for all and a great opportunity to meet other customers and Steadfast Networks staff while enjoying free food and beverage.

All VPS, dedicated server, and colocation customers are invited to the Steadfast Networks customer dinner on Sunday, July 27 at 6:30PM. This is what had become our now annual "Customer Appreciation Dinner." The event is planned to last until 9:30PM, so if you can't make it early, feel free to stop in later on.

The event will be held at 350 E Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL, in the library on the 8th floor of the building, and we will include a tour of our data center facilities. As the event is on a weekend you will need to enter the building on the North side, across from the building's parking garage, but will still be able to park on the South side of the building.

The menu has not yet been decided, but please RSVP and/or make any requests/suggestions by emailing us at You can also email us if you need directions or have any other questions regarding the event.

Note: If you are coming please RSVP, as we don't want to make the event any harder on the security staff than it already is.

Earthquake "Aftermath"

Posted in Data Centers, Chicago on April 18th, 2008

I am sure many of you have heard about the 5.4 (smaller or larger depending on who you hear it from) earthquake that hit Illinois at about 4:40AM Central followed by a smaller aftershock about 6 hours later. I am just informing you that the affects of the quake were minor here in Chicago, as we're over 200 miles from the center of the earthquake zone. There has been no noted damage to any of the data center subsystems during the checks performed this morning, and there is no reason for concern.

Personally, the earthquake did wake me up this morning. It was a bit of a surprise here in Chicago, but it was just a gentle rocking motion, a little like a train ride. It took me a bit to figure out what was going on. After realizing it was lasting too long (about 15 seconds) to be a wind gust against the side of the building (or similar) and that it was an earthquake, my first concern was that it was a large 8.0 quake in the New Madrid fault zone, as I figured that was what was necessary for me to actually feel it here. Such an earthquake would have been potentially devastating to cities such as Memphis and St. Louis. We were saved from the damage here, but some in St. Louis and Louisville, which are both much closer to the center of the quake, didn't fair as well, though there is no major structural damage reported, last I heard. You can see some pictures of the damage here.

New Game Server Control Panel

Posted in Software on April 11th, 2008

After extensive evaluation of various game server control panels, we are now supporting TCAdmin on all of our dedicated Windows server packages. This offering is being made to benefit our game server provider and gaming customers by offering them full support of TCAdmin systems, along with over 60 game servers, at a reduced license rate, $10 a month. You can see the list of supported game and voice servers here.

I know there has been concern that this may compete with our existing game server customers, but we never plan to compete with our game server provider customers by offering individual game server. Also, this is not intended to compete with our game server clients, but to offer them greater support and lower pricing for their current operations.

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